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To maximize the impact of Project Prakash on children’s lives and science, an important goal in the coming years is to create the Prakash Center for Children, a campus that will integrate the core missions of the project in one location. The center will provide:

  1. Treatment to curably blind children,

  2. Rehabilitation and education to treated children, and

  3. Facilities for scientific research.

Adopting an integrated approach will allow us to derive the greatest benefits from the natural synergies that exist between treatment, education and research. This enables:

  1. A clear path from treatment to mainstreaming

  2. Real-world relevance of scientific research

  3. Translation of research to clinical and educational practice

  4. Extended treatments, follow-ups and outcome analyses

Our ambitious plans for the Prakash Center call for a significant infusion of resources. We are tackling the challenge head-on by developing creative strategies for fund-raising. We welcome all help and would love to have you contact us.

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