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Your support is critical for furthering Project Prakash's humanitarian and scientific missions. It will help us serve many more children and develop the Prakash Center. Project Prakash is a 501(c)3 entity. All donations are tax exempt.

Donate to Project Prakash through our direct online solution

Donate to Project Prakash through Amazon Smile:

Donate to Project Prakash through our crowdfunding system:

You can also send checks to: 


Project Prakash
955 Massachusetts Avenue, # 351

Cambridge, MA 02139

For more information please contact us at

Tax Information

If you need to learn more about our taxes, or to view a tax document please click here to go to our page which stores all freely-accessible tax documents for Project Prakash. This page contains fiscal year taxes, as well as the IRS Tax-Deduction Application and Acceptance Letter. If you feel as though a document or information is missing, please contact the web developer at

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